Pagbati sa Kaarawan ni Gat. Andres Bonifacio

Andres Bonifacio (Photo credit: facebook)

Ipinaabot ko ang pagbati sa isang Bayaning Pilipinong nagdaraos ng paggunita sa kanyang araw ng pagsilang, sa Dakilang Andres Bonifacio. Isa siyang Dakilang Bayani ng Bayang Pilipinas. Tunay na walang pasubali ang kanyang kadakilaan ng kanyang buong giting ng labanan ang kalupitan ng Pamahalaan ng Kastila at ng Simbahan ng Catolica Apostolica Romana. Tinuligsa...
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Decoding the Hidden Message on Dr. Jose Rizal’s Shoe

Shoes (Photo credit: blogspot)

First of all, I’m not a Historian or had a History Major so if you find any inaccuracy or inconsistency of events in the introductory part of this blog, I apologize. I mostly based it from Wikipedia, and don’t be surprised if you read silly or ridiculous events because I incorporated some FICTIONAL accounts,...
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RH BILL: Pro or Anti

RH Bill (Photo credit: blogwatch)

WHAT GOES UP MUST COME DOWN. After WWII in 1945, the world experienced an unprecedented increase or spike in world’s population brought about by the peace accord between countries for a lasting world peace. What occurred next was the so-called “Baby Boom” from 1946-1964. In Europe and in America, the rebuilding of ravaged cities...
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The Future Of Nursing

Florence Nightingale (Photo credit: wikipedia)

  More than a decade from the nursing profession, being first officially pioneered in the Crimea War of 1854, it has now become the most diverse professional group of healthcare workers in the health sector.  This is mainly due to the countless roles played out by nurses in the discharge of their duties. Surprisingly,...
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Philippines’ Name Change: A Rejoinder

Flag of the Philippine Revolution: Flag of the Katipunan featuring the society’s acronym KKK in white in a line in the middle of a field of red. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) What’s in a name, the Bard would ask. He who would live and be remembered by his words. Is it really too much ado...
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POGI na si Juan!

On lending and borrowing money (Photo credit: eloansdirect)

Matagal na panahon ding lugmok sa kahirapan si Juan – baon sa utang at alipin ng ibang bayan. Ngunit kahit papano’y umahon na si Juan. Bayad na ang mga  utang at ang madungis n’yang pangalan ay unti-unti nang nalilinisan. Ang dating umuutang, siya na ngayon ang nagpapautang. Maaring asensado ka na ngayon sa paningin...
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Kuro-Kuro Community

Homosexuality is Not a Disease

September 3, 2013
By gladisthegreat
(Phote Credit: telegraph.co.uk)

The thing about Homosexuality First of all, I want to clarify to all of you that I am not a homosexual or a transgender or whatever, I just want to express my opinion to this century-old dilemma. “Ako’y isang sirena, kahit anong sabihin nila ako’y ubod ng ganda”. A...
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Separating Religion From Governance Can Lead to Progress!

September 3, 2013
By Miko Wu
(Photo credit:  lawandjournalism.blogspot)

Junior Layug Cagadas published an article at DefinitelyFilipino Blog entitled “Why We Filipinos Live in a Sick Society”. In his short commentary, he outlines several reasons why the Philippines is such in a bad state. Among those reasons are corruption, poverty, crime, and violence. He did not mention, however,...
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The Filipino Spirit is Waterproof Mo Mukha Mo

August 23, 2013
Waterproof  (Photo Credit:  battlefieldadventures)

Kaalinsabay ng pagdating ng buwan ng Hunyo ay ang padating rin ng panahon ng kaliwa’t kanang bagyo, at di lingid sa kaalaman ng lahat na kapag may bagyo ay sabay sabay ring tumitigil ang buhay ng bawat Pilipino. Ironic nga eh. Sa unang patak ng ulan ay ang pagtila...
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