Bible Verses Para sa mga Pulitiko

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Naniniwala ako na para sa ating lahat ang mga mensahe ng Bibliya subalit ilang talata ang napansin kong ang sarap sanang i-share sa mga tiwaling pulitiko na atat na atat maging tagapag-lingkod (kuno!) ng madlang Pilipino, mapa-national level man o lokal. Ilan sa mga talatang natagpuan ko ay ang mga sumusunod na talata mula...
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What is Really Going on in The Government?

The Philippine Government (Photo credit: wordpress)

What is really going on in the government? Why is the economic spectrum of society in distress? What kind of leaders should we elect in the forthcoming elections to propel the nation back to its booming economy? Under a democracy, it has been said many times over that the government is “FOR THE PEOPLE...
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Who To Blame

The blame game (Photo credit: thinkbigbelievebig)

Everyday, everyone sees and hear them: poor people blame the government for their difficult lives, drug addicts blame their parents for what they have become, obese people blame fast food chains for serving unhealthy meals. Complaints are endless. If you will ask the Aquino regime now whose fault it is why a lot of...
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Extra Service

Extra service (Photo credit: filipinobook)

For the playful minds, just by reading the title I can already see the big smile on your face especially the men. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you? But for those who want to be naive—Ahem, Let me give you an extra service right now. Maybe you’ve already seen or heard of...
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Animated bridge (Photo credit: clker)

“People are lonely… because they built walls instead of bridges.“ Napakagandang quote, at alam kong lahat ay makare-relate lalo na yung mga taong napakahilig sa mga ito, especially sa Facebook world. Pero kagabi lamang ay biglang nabago ang pananaw ko ayon sa quote na ito nang mapanood ko sa TV Patrol ang kagila-gilalas at...
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English Proficiency: TESDA

English proficiency (Photo credit: aafp)

Recently, I got involved in one language center and they’re trying to get their accreditation from TESDA. Apparently, according to my new boss,  the agency has singled him out and gave him a hard time in securing the apparent permit. Through thorough research and dialogging with the said agency’s right personnel, I came to...
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Kuro-Kuro Community

Homosexuality is Not a Disease

September 3, 2013
By gladisthegreat
(Phote Credit:

The thing about Homosexuality First of all, I want to clarify to all of you that I am not a homosexual or a transgender or whatever, I just want to express my opinion to this century-old dilemma. “Ako’y isang sirena, kahit anong sabihin nila ako’y ubod ng ganda”. A...
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Separating Religion From Governance Can Lead to Progress!

September 3, 2013
By Miko Wu
(Photo credit:  lawandjournalism.blogspot)

Junior Layug Cagadas published an article at DefinitelyFilipino Blog entitled “Why We Filipinos Live in a Sick Society”. In his short commentary, he outlines several reasons why the Philippines is such in a bad state. Among those reasons are corruption, poverty, crime, and violence. He did not mention, however,...
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The Filipino Spirit is Waterproof Mo Mukha Mo

August 23, 2013
Waterproof  (Photo Credit:  battlefieldadventures)

Kaalinsabay ng pagdating ng buwan ng Hunyo ay ang padating rin ng panahon ng kaliwa’t kanang bagyo, at di lingid sa kaalaman ng lahat na kapag may bagyo ay sabay sabay ring tumitigil ang buhay ng bawat Pilipino. Ironic nga eh. Sa unang patak ng ulan ay ang pagtila...
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