Unsung Heroes

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I was about to submit the election paraphernalia in the midst of the sea of hot-tempered people. when suddenly a soldier stood beside me and told me, “ie-escort na namin kayo, hindi nila naiintindihan ang sitwasyon NATIN.” I thought, yeah, “WE” teachers are like soldiers, like policemen, but without badges to brag about. Now,...
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Who To Blame

The blame game (Photo credit: thinkbigbelievebig)

Everyday, everyone sees and hear them: poor people blame the government for their difficult lives, drug addicts blame their parents for what they have become, obese people blame fast food chains for serving unhealthy meals. Complaints are endless. If you will ask the Aquino regime now whose fault it is why a lot of...
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NSTP? Magwawalis Ka Lang Diyan Eh!


Exciting maging college student, ang daming bagong subject. Isa na diyan ay yung NSTP. Hindi ko alam kung bakit pero halos lahat ng kapwa ko estudyante kapag narinig ang NSTP “pagwawalis” agad pumapasok sa isip nila. Bago ko pa pasukin ang subject na ‘to, I think of it more than that pero wala din talaga...
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Media Literacy in the New Era of Education

Philippine Education (Photo credit: pinoyoverseasjobs)

Knowledge is best acquired through proper education. This statement is quite true for many of us although education can be obtained inside and outside of formal school; still the primary source of knowledge comes from schools. This is the importance given by Filipinos on the value of education. It serves as the most important...
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Mga Dyornal Ng Estudyanteng Tamad (Part 1)

Bullying (Photo credit: wordpress)

Kagabi, habang nagbabasa ako ng isang article (sa website ng CNN) regarding sa pagkamatay ni Gore Vidal, hindi ko maiwasang matignan ang isa rin na article (sa isang site) regarding sa isang estudyanteng nag-aaral sa kolehiyo na nagpakamatay. Tumalon ito sa tulay at ang isa naman ay nagbigti nang hindi na niya makayanan ang...
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Happiness And Success Is How We Make It

Success Photo credit: dannybrown)

While we are dealing with our internal problems, we forget the big games of business. We lost our nationalist alternative, our good values, our belief and culture, our own resources, our nation, alternative solutions for a poor nation to meet needs and not depending much on foreign products. We depend on our countrymen to...
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Kuro-Kuro Community

Homosexuality is Not a Disease

September 3, 2013
By gladisthegreat
(Phote Credit:

The thing about Homosexuality First of all, I want to clarify to all of you that I am not a homosexual or a transgender or whatever, I just want to express my opinion to this century-old dilemma. “Ako’y isang sirena, kahit anong sabihin nila ako’y ubod ng ganda”. A...
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Separating Religion From Governance Can Lead to Progress!

September 3, 2013
By Miko Wu
(Photo credit:  lawandjournalism.blogspot)

Junior Layug Cagadas published an article at DefinitelyFilipino Blog entitled “Why We Filipinos Live in a Sick Society”. In his short commentary, he outlines several reasons why the Philippines is such in a bad state. Among those reasons are corruption, poverty, crime, and violence. He did not mention, however,...
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The Filipino Spirit is Waterproof Mo Mukha Mo

August 23, 2013
Waterproof  (Photo Credit:  battlefieldadventures)

Kaalinsabay ng pagdating ng buwan ng Hunyo ay ang padating rin ng panahon ng kaliwa’t kanang bagyo, at di lingid sa kaalaman ng lahat na kapag may bagyo ay sabay sabay ring tumitigil ang buhay ng bawat Pilipino. Ironic nga eh. Sa unang patak ng ulan ay ang pagtila...
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